Warranty Policy

We offer a standard 1-2-3-6 months return/replacement warranty on selected parts sold unless otherwise noted. We extend the warranty period up to 12 months, based on the part, its availability, and the price. please speak with your sales rep, to know the warranty offered on the part you ordered.

Up to 5 Years (parts only) Warranty on selected Engine and Transmissions for current year models or remanufactured parts available, please check with your sales rep for details, (All warranty claims required written warranty confirmation from Citi Auto Parts, LLC via email, not exceeding 60 months old)

Any parts sold by us are for the Vehicle’s Year Make Model specifications/trim level as stated at the time of placing an order. Should be used only with the given vehicle details, information, and Specs, and are not for experiment purposes. external changes of the part are your own responsibility for all functionality, and we don’t cover warranty – SOLD AS IS. 

Warranty terms

All warranties are limited & parts only ( No Labor or Shipping)

Parts must be installed within 5 days from the date of delivery, to be eligible for a warranty.

Engine, Transmission & Axles, Must be installed and or notified us within 10 days from the date of delivery, to be eligible for a warranty. 

Our warranty is not applicable for Racing, Experimenting, or Test use.

We warranty all our parts, that was installed by a certified repair shop & or mechanic.

CITI AUTO PARTS is not accountable for products delivered to the address provided at the time of sale, but not taken into possession by the customer.

We make every effort to make the part look as nice as possible before it ships, no warranty or guarantee is made towards the appearance of that part.

OEM auto parts are interchangeable with multiple years, makes, and models which means the same part is an exact fit for multiple makes and models as determined by OEM standards. We guarantee the part we sell to fit your vehicle.

Engine, transmission, and or any part returned NOT in the same assembled condition as it was received will not be refunded under any circumstances. If the part was disassembled in any way without our express written authorization, it will void the warranty.

We do not assume towing, shipping, transportation, and car rental cost.

Make sure to inspect all parts before signing for them on delivery.

No Refunds will be issued due to Shipping Damage or Broken Items if not reported within 48 Hours of Delivery to CITIAUTOPARTS and the Freight Company, which is the deadline to file a Freight Claim. 

Shipping charges are not refunded, whatsoever. 

Shipping & Delivery time frame is never guaranteed, it is dependent on the carriers. We will process the order on time, however, may get delayed by the carrier to pick up and or delivery. no cancellations are accepted unless the delivery date and time are given in writing. (Applicable 30% Restocking fee + Shipping fee + Payment Processing fee)applies in all cancellations.

All Returns are the responsibility of the customer and we must be provided with a return tracking number when the item is returned.

All warranties are null and void if:

The vehicle is converted from private passenger use to commercial or fleet use or is used for racing or other competition or off-road recreational purposes.

Failure is caused by abuse, misuse, or modifications.

Failure is caused by using the part for any use other than what was intended or recommended by the manufacturer.

The part fails or becomes defective due to the vehicle being involved in a collision.

The part is installed or operated outside the United States.

The installed heat tab center is melted or removed.

Incorrect part order by you (the customer).

Any Core- Nore returned within 15 Days of the delivery date.

We ensure good used OEM parts based on their performance, however, we cannot guarantee mileage ( Applicable on All Parts)

If you receive an incorrect part, you must notify us by email within 48 working hours of delivery time, you will need a clear picture of the part along with the shipping package and send us to contact@citiautoparts.com to request a replacement or refund.

Any or partial refund/discount after-sale confirmed and agreed upon will VOID the warranty, (Applicable on all Sales)

Canadian Orders

We ship for free to Canadian buyers from our Canadian locations. Other Canadian orders will be subject to product transfer costs, Canadian duties, and taxes.

Alaska/Hawaii/Puerto Rico orders:

Orders outside of the continental 48 states (Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico) may be subject to additional shipping charges for extra freight costs.

*Note: Some part types have shipping restrictions based on their size or fragile nature. We have different options to accommodate the shipment of these part types and will work with you to find the best solution.


Our options for replacing/returning an item under warranty:

For any reason part did not meet fitment criteria or damage will qualify for replacement, Please note Citi Auto Parts has no control if replacement part costs more or less,

For all returns, We must receive a written confirmation via email- to contact@citiautoparts.com,

We might ask you to provide part pictures via email if the delivered part was incorrect or damaged.

Returns that are not in the original condition shipped will incur a restocking fee of up to 30%+Shipping (If Any)

If you receive a damaged part, please notify us via email- at contact@citiautoparts.com, before returning the part please ask for RMA(Return merchandise authorization).

All Returns are the responsibility of the customer and we must be provided with a return tracking number when the item is returned.

Item must be returned within 7 business days after receiving RMA from us, Return address will be provided once we are notified.

Once the part is received by us we’d be arranging replacement/refunds upon inspections.


Our warranty covers a refund if the part sent by us was incorrect. (Warranty Covered Parts Only) However we need to be notified via call or email, and you may not send the part back on the same truck without prior notification, Shipping fee and payment processing fee will not be refunded if the item was refused.

All refunds are issued upon we receive the part back.

 If you change your mind to refuse delivery Once the order is placed, there will be a 30% restocking fee+ Shipping charges if any, Refund amount will be calculated considering the above-mentioned facts before the process.

All refunds are processed within 14 business days, which may take 7 to 10 business days for the amount to reflect in your account that depends on your bank/card provider.

Payment Processing Fee/Merchant fee is non-refundable (Usually 3%)

Any advance payment of less than 50% of the total order value is not refundable. (If the order was not placed within 7 Days with full payment)

No refunds ( If the order was incorrectly placed by the customer)

Exchanges or Store credits only: if the part has been in the customer’s possession for more than 30 days.

Cancellations for any reason, after the order and or payment, is processed, will be at 30% restocking fee+3% Payment processing fee “Applicable from the same day”

The shipping fee will not be refunded in any case.

Damaged/incorrect Parts – are refunded only if we have no replacement at the same price. (Applicable 30% Restocking fee + Shipping fee + Payment Processing fee)applies otherwise.

Detailed Warranty on Parts

Please note: We sell only Used OEM parts, and as these are used parts, will not be in brand new/ mint condition,

For vehicles manufactured before 2008, the warranty policy may differ, based on the age of the vehicle.

a) Engine

Engine warranties are limited to manufacturing defects in the block, heads, pistons, crankshafts, camshafts, rockers, and oil pumps.

When you buy an engine, you get an assembly that includes manifolds, timing belts, covers, fuel injection, or carburetor, We warranty the long block and its internal lubricated parts ONLY!

We do not warranty any attached accessory parts, such as – oil pans, switches, sensors, cables, electronics, belts, hoses, water pumps, manifolds, wire harnesses, valve covers, brackets, flywheels, etc.

Any accessories that are not covered under warranty, For example- turbo, starters, air compressors, alternator, power steering pumps, optical distributors, or electric water, pumps, are not part of the warranty.

We do not warranty oil leaks/damage on engines or transmissions due to non-replaced seals, gaskets, or filters.

Valve Covers are not part of the Engine Assembly or this warranty

Engines must be installed AND warranty activated within 10 Business Days of delivery OR ALL WARRANTIES WILL BE VOIDED

For warranty claims, an Engine Diagnostic Report is required from an ASE Certified Automotive facility. An Engine Diagnostic Report can be sent to you or your ASE Certified Automotive facility if a diagnostic report is not available.

We are not responsible for improper installation and or labor charges.

Claims related to the overheating and/or improper lubrication of the engine or its components are not covered by this warranty. 

IMPORTANT DOCUMENT – Please read below Installation Guideline

Installation Guideline

Please consider these handy Installation Guideline suggestions carefully and share them with your mechanic/installer.

For Engines

We warranty the long block and its internal lubricated parts ONLY! Bolt-on accessories, wiring, and sensors are not warranted. Turbochargers

(Superchargers, Turbos) are not part of the long block and are not warranted unless stated, in writing.

Please have your mechanic carefully inspect all gaskets and seals, and replace them if needed. No one gives a warranty on gaskets or seals. Any engine that “blows” a head gasket, or is over-heated will automatically void your Warranty

1- Turn over the engine crankshaft by hand at least 2 full 360° turns BEFORE installation 720°. This is IMPORTANT!

2- If yours is a timing BELT engine with more than 30,000 miles, you should replace the timing belt, tensioners, and components. (We recommend a “Gates” Brand Timing Belt Kit). There’s no warranty on timing 3- belts, Chains, or their components. Timing Chains, timing chain guides, and tensioners should be inspected if the timing cover is easily removed.

4- If yours is a GM 3.1L engine, you should replace the Intake Manifold Gasket.

5- Install a new or existing Water Pump from your old engine on a replacement engine with over 30,000 miles (If it is good & working)

6- Install a new or existing Thermostat from your old engine (If good & working)

7- Install a new or existing Rear Main Seal from your old engine (If good & working)

8- Install all new or existing belts and hoses from your old engine (Power Steering, Alternator, Fan, Radiator Hoses, Etc.) (If good & working).

9- Install and gap, use new or existing Spark Plugs from your old engine (If good & working)

10- Change engine oil and replace the oil filter

11- Change the oil and filter again after 500 miles of driving

12- Add new Anti-Freeze / Coolant

13- Install new Air Filter and Fuel Filter

14- Install new gaskets on your valve cover(s)

15- Reseal your Lower Oil Pan

16- Install a new Front Crank Seal

17- It is highly recommended that you install a new Radiator

18- Must Change the Timing Belt.

Warranty will be canceled if:

 The used engine was not properly installed.

 The used engine was used for racing.

The used engine was used without proper lubrication or cooling regardless of the reason.

The purchased used engine is not installed within 30 days after delivery.

CITI AUTO PARTS warranty will cover only a one-time claim per product purchased from us. A support representative will work with you to ensure your experience is a complete success. We reserve the right to charge any applicable fees in connection with the processing of your warranty claim.

Any Core- Must be returned within 10 Days of the delivery date, You may ask for extensions of up to 5 days additional, (Warranty will be VOID if not returned within the time)

Citi auto parts. permits only original purchasers for any deal or purchase and guarantees that our sold used engine shall be free from knocking excessive oil consumption and cracks in the block. 

Engine Block – Short and or Long Blocks are guaranteed to be Rebuildable only. and does not come as an assembly, NO accessories included, SOLD AS IS, based on the age of the vehicle(Mostly Before 2005), will not be in mint conditions, All returns after processing the order for shipping will be 30% restocking fee + shipping charges and 3 % payment processing fee will be deducted.

a) Carburetors: 

Are sold as a core unit only, which can only be rebuilt.

b) Cylinder heads 

Are guaranteed to not be warped or cracked. Rings and valves may need to be re-machined.

c) Electrical parts

We do not sell these parts for testing purposes – Electrical items such as engine computers and body control modules, transmission modules, transfer case modules, and wiring harnesses, are only SOLD AS IS (the customer) at the time of placing an order agrees to that.

d) Modules TCM/ECU/ECM

We guarantee that the part number matches given by you (the customer) at the time of placing an order “If non-interchangeable”, all modules, TCM/ECU/ECM are sold AS-IS.

This part may need to be reset by the dealer, You will need to verify by the dealer, that the has been reset properly, to avail returned/refunded, 

Electrical parts that have been modified in any way will not be refunded.

e) Struts 

You might need to replace the shocks for better performance, we guarantee that struts will be in good working condition and not physically damaged.

Our warranty will also cover springs and strut towers.

f) Steering Column/Wheel

Standard 30 Days warranty on Steering Column or Wheel, We ensure that the part itself is not incorrect.

Note- Steering wheel and or column are sold separately, and not part of one package sale.

Any switch of components like a blinker, or wiper switch may not be a part of the column.

g) Control arms

We guarantee control arms will be guaranteed to be true and straight, 

No Warranty on rubber bushings or non-metal parts attached to control arms.

g) Ball & or Bushings Joints are not guaranteed on parts.

h) Transmissions

What is Included?

Transmission Case, Valve Body, Tail shaft and Housing, Torque Converter (automatic only), and All Internal Lubricated Parts.

Our warranty covers that- gears will shift properly, and gears and bearings to be good.

All Transmission must be installed by an ASE-certified mechanic for all warranty claims – a Clear report from a registered mechanic must be provided for all warranty claims

Installation Guide on Transmission

1- Clean all components of the transmission including the oil pan before assembly. Replace the oil and filter in all transmissions. 

2- You need to replace ALL seals and gaskets before installation.

3- Flush & flow test cooler and lines.

4- Fully engage the torque converter in the front pump.

5- For Manual transmission, you must install a new clutch, pressure plate, and slave cylinder.

6- Please have your flywheel turned in before installation.

7- Fill and check the fluid to ensure proper levels.

Terms- Transmissions must be installed AND warranty activated within 10 Business Days of delivery OR ALL WARRANTIES WILL BE VOIDED.

Any Core- Must be returned within 10 Days of the delivery date, You may ask for extensions of up to 5 days additional, (Warranty will be VOID if not returned within the time)

i) Doors & Body parts

We sell door assembly that does not guarantee to come along with accessories such as windows, window regulators, handles, hinges, or interior panels.

Our warranty covers the door shell Only

Other body parts like hoods, fenders, bumpers, quarter panels, and header panels are not guaranteed to come with hinges, latches, trim, headlights, grilles, or hood ornaments.

j) Headlights/Tail Lights

We ensure that we send headlight assembly with all TABs & related connectors (IF ANY). depending on the age of the vehicle, the headlight might be dull or faded. which might need buffing, ( Please note it will not be in brand new or mint condition.

k) Color & or Color Shades 

These are only requests that may not be guaranteed, We recommend all body parts be repainted once delivered to match your vehicle.

If Body parts do not match the color of your vehicle, will not be eligible for return/replacement and a restocking fee of 30%+ shipping charges will be applied.

Please note: Any return/replacement request that does not fall under the given Detailed Warranty Policy, will not be entitled, and a restocking fee of 30%+ shipping charges will be applied.

l) Wheels/RIM

When you buy Wheels/RIM from us, We ensure that wheels are not Bent/Cracked, Based on the age of the vehicle, there might be a few cosmetic scratches, as these cannot be in brand new/mint condition.

m) Wiring Harness/Misc. Electric Cables

We Do Not Warranty on wiring harnesses and or plugs, they are ( SOLD AS-IS 

All other parts come with a standard 30-day parts-only warranty, any rubber parts, or accessories are not covered under warranty, all warranties are for the item to be not incorrect or damaged.

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