How to Buy Used Engine for Vehicles

Buying a Quality Used Engine/Motor especially for vehicles before 2018 saves more than 60% from any new/aftermarket. finding the right part might be a tricky situation unless you are talking to someone who knows all about your vehicles.

5 Things to keep in mind when buying Used Engine

  • 1- Company you are dealing with   (Try to deal with a company who is available on Google Business, Trust Pilot, BBB etc)
  • 2- Person You are dealing with (The person on the phone with, is he/she aware of vehicles?)
  • 3- Miles on the Engine you are talking about ( Try to avoid Engine with over 150k Miles – This might differ based on the age of the vehicle, however, under 150k miles might be a valuable idea)
  • 4- How far away is this Engine coming from  (Try to locate your Engine within 500 Miles from your house/shop, as you pay high for shipping, and the time frame goes beyond 10 days – unless you are not in hurry?)
  • 5- Most Important 
  • -How you Pay (Avoid paying by wallet transfer to a personal account, always ask for business account invoice and payment to their business account name only. Best Stripe, PayPal,, etc. as these are safe, secure and gives you control over your money)

 Make note of the transaction date, time, Amount you agreed to pay, at least 2 phone numbers of the business, name of the person who spoke with you, business email like support email address etc.


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