Installation Guideline

Please consider these handy suggestions carefully and share them with your mechanic/installer.

For Engines

We warranty the long block and its internal lubricated parts ONLY! Bolt-on accessories, wiring and sensors are not warranted. Turbochargers
(Superchargers, Turbos) are not part of the long block and are not warranted unless stated, in writing.

  1. Please have your mechanic carefully inspect all gaskets and seals, and replace them if needed. No one gives a warranty on gaskets or seals. Any engine that “blows” a head gasket, or is over-heated will automatically void your Warranty
  2. Turn over engine crankshaft by hand at least 2 full 360° turns BEFORE installation 720°. This is IMPORTANT!
  3. If yours is a timing BELT engine with more than 30,000 miles, you should replace the timing belt, tensioners, and components. (We recommend a “Gates” Brand Timing Belt Kit). There’s no warranty on timing belts, Chains, or their components. Timing Chains, timing chain guides and tensioners should be inspected if the timing cover is easily removed.
  4. If yours is a GM 3.1L engine, you should replace the Intake Manifold Gasket.
  5. Install a new or existing Water Pump from your old engine on a replacement engine with over 30,000 miles (If good & working)
  6. Install a new or existing Thermostat from your old engine (If good & working)
  7. Install a new or existing Rear Main Seal from your old engine (If good & working)
  8. Install all new or existing belts and hoses from your old engine  (Power Steering, Alternator, Fan, Radiator Hoses, Etc.) (If good & working).
  9. Install and gap, use new or existing Spark Plugs from your old engine (If good & working)
  10. Change engine oil and replace the oil filter
  11. Change oil and filter again after 500 miles of driving
  12. Add new Anti-Freeze / Coolant
  13. Install new Air Filter and Fuel Filter
  14. Install new gaskets on your valve cover(s)
  15. Reseal your Lower Oil Pan
  16. Install a new Front Crank Seal
  17. It is highly recommended that you install a new Radiator
  18. Must Change the Timing Belt.

For Transmissions

  • Clean all components of the transmission including the oil pan before assembly. Replace oil and filter in all transmission.
  • You need to replace all seals and gaskets before installation.
  • Flush & flow test cooler and lines.
  • Fully engage torque converter in the front pump.
  • For Manual transmission, you must install a new clutch, pressure plate, and slave cylinder.
  • Have your flywheel turned in before installation.
  • Fill and check the fluid to ensure proper levels.